Frequently Asked Questions

Which analysts cover C&C Group?
The list of analysts who currently cover C&C Group are detailed here
How can I contact C&C Group with investor or media queries?
For investor and media relations please contact FTI at or click here.
Where can I find a stock quotation?
Share price information is available here.
Who are the C&C Company Registrars?
The company’s registrars are Link Asset Services, Link Registrars Limited and can be contacted at +353 1 553 0050 or
How do I get a copy of the Annual Report and Group Announcements?
All publicly available information is on this website.
Click here for the latest Annual Report and Financial Reports.
Click here for our access to C&C Group’s presentations.
Click here for other press releases.
Click here for latest RNS announcements.
When is C&C Group financial year end?
The Group’s financial year end is 28 February.
What happens if I lose my share certificate?
If you lose your share certificate, please contact our Registrars at +353 (1) 553 0050 or
How do I elect for scrip dividends?
Please see the Rules of the Scrip Dividend Scheme issued in 2005 here.
Scrip Dividend election and mandate forms are sent out to shareholders each half year. Details of the latest scrip dividend offer are available here. Scrip dividend election and mandate forms are available here.
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