Finches Soft Drinks

Finches, a premium soft drink produced in Ireland for the grocery, pub and restaurant trade, is available in a variety of sizes, using only the best juices and ingredients, along with Irish Spring Water.

The Finches range of grocery trade products includes 2 Litre bottles, 1.5 Litre Minerals, 1.5 Litre mixers and a complete 500ml range for ‘on-the-go’ consumption. The Finches product portfolio is available in a variety of flavours including Orange, Light Orange, Lemon, Rock Shandy and Pink Lemonade.

For the licensed trade, Finches has a range of smaller glass mixers- 220ml Splits, 113ml mixers and 180ml juices available in a variety of flavours. Finches is one of the few carbonated oranges made with pure natural spring water. Teamed with a high juice content this guarantees a refreshing recipe to quench any thirst. Finches is delighted to have recently received a second Gold Medal from the British Bottlers Institute for taste quality - making Finches the best tasting orange carbonate available.