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Woodchuck® Hard Cider is a premium hard cider handcrafted in Vermont, USA from the highest quality ingredients while offering an innovative range of ciders.


Proctorsville, Vermont. 1991. Along the Black River, in a two car garage, a wine maker by the name of Greg Failing begins an experiment with apples. Greg had tasted European hard cider imports, and believed he could create something better fit for the American palate. It was a momentous decision. It reinvented a centuries old beverage category which had vanished from the American conscious in the wake of Prohibition. Woodchuck® Amber was the result and that original recipe remains intact to this day.

Woodchuck® Hard Cider now operates a cidery in Middlebury, Vermont, and the lineup of styles has grown to include a variety of limited releases and private reserves. Distribution, which started in a single Vermont country store, now stretches across all 50 states. A naturally gluten-free beverage, Woodchuck® Hard Cider lends itself well to food pairings and recipes.

Core Styles

Woodchuck® Hard Cider’s core varieties serve as the foundation for all other product lines. Each variety is designed to bring a unique cider experience to the consumer.

  • Amber: The Original brand. Crisp and refreshing with a nice golden hue. Expertly crafted with a medium body and clean apple finish
  • Gumption: We pair fresh juice of common eating apples with dry European cider apples to bring you a bold and unique drinking experience.
  • Granny Smith: The champagne of Cider. Tart, refreshing and made from 100% Granny Smith apples, tree ripened in the Yakima Valley of Washington.
  • Hopsation: Hop forward Cider. Infused with Cascade hops that impart their sensational pine and citrus aromas. The smooth apples character balances perfectly with the bitterness of the hops.
  • Local Nectar: Local Nectar Vermont and Local Nectar Michigan. Two different ciders both produced exclusively with apples from their respective states. Creating a drier cider with fresh apple taste. Both sold only within their individual states.
  • Pear: Aged in small batches producing a light color, with a cool crisp taste. Deliciously flavored with a pear finish.
  • Raspberry: Light and Delicious with a little extra zip. Topped off with a sweet, refreshing raspberry finish.
  • 802: The Namesake. 802tm is the only area code for Vermont. Crisp with a clean finish and tawny brown in color from the caramelized sugar added to each small batch.


Woodchuck® Hard Cider’s Seasonal line offers consumers a little something different. Each variety is carefully crafted to include new and bold ingredients while capturing the season and keeping the tradition of what makes Woodchuck’s core varieties some of the best ciders in the world.

  • Summer time: Slightly tart with a full, robust flavor followed by a rich taste reminiscent of New England Blueberries.
  • Fall Harvest: Handcrafted with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of white oak, giving it a complex and elegant character.
  • Winter Chill: Aged with a culmination of premium French and traditional American oak and finishes with a touch of vanilla.

Private Reserves

Woodchuck® Hard Cider’s Private Reserve line is a series of ground-breaking ciders. The Private Reserve line is produced in small quantities and available for short periods of time throughout the year.

  • Pink: Delicate in body yet full of crisp apple taste. The use of grape skin extract contributes to the soft pink color of the cider. This cider was crafted to honor the efforts of Survivorship NOW, a Vermont organization helping people live well after cancer diagnosis.
  • Pumpkin: Fresh and crisp with natural pumpkin taste at the finish and crafted to be served at 45 degrees for the rich flavors to show through.
  • Barrel Select: A rare taste of sweet, crisp apple cider combined with smoky, dry bourbon flavors. Aged in genuine white oak Kentucky bourbon barrels.

Out On A Limb

Truly rare and unique batches of cider are crafted at our cidery every day. Some are fermenting in five gallon carboys, others aging, and even more being tweaked and perfected. The only thing they share in common is the creative artistry with which they are handcrafted. We take pride in living out on a limb, pushing the boundaries of cider. This package features an every-changing rotation of those ciders we think the world is ready for.

The 6pack always stays the same but the styles/bottles inside change every 45-60 days. Here are just a few of them:

Out On  A Limb

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Woodchuck Craft Cider

Woodchuck® Craft Cider is a premium cider handcrafted in Vermont, USA from the highest quality ingredients. Imported direct to the UK, Woodchuck is now available in selected outlets.

At Woodchuck, we do things our own way. We start with the finest ingredients crafted at our cidery in Middlebury, Vermont. We have forged a tradition of quality and innovation with each new cider we release. Our cider makers meticulously oversee the details of every small batch before any bottle leaves our back door. It's this special attention and love for our products that ensures we always deliver a unique craft cider that is true to our roots.

  • Amber 5% ABV: The Original brand. Crisp and refreshing with a nice golden hue. Expertly crafted with a medium body and clean apple finish.
  • Granny Smith 5% ABV: The champagne of Cider. A tart, refreshing taste and made from Granny Smith apples, tree ripened in the Yakima Valley of Washington.
  • 802 5% ABV: The Namesake. 802® is named after Vermont's only area code. This cider is crafted with strong fresh-pressed apple notes up front, a tawny brown colour and a touch of bite at the end.
  • Raspberry 4% ABV: Light and delicious with a little extra zip. Topped off with a sweet, refreshing raspberry finish.

Woodchuck Craft Ciders

For more information visit www.woodchuck.com

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