The original Hornsby’s Cider was created by George Hornsby. A proper British gent, George grew up in England and settled in America many years later. He enjoyed his adopted home but missed the smooth and crisp taste of the ciders of his native Britain. So George started making his own cider and slowly introduced his invention to a curious American audience. To George's delight, the Americans loved the quality and flavour of his refreshing drink, and very quickly, Hornsby’s Cider became hugely popular with those looking for an alternative to their traditional brews.

Why the Rhino?

George Hornsby had a real thirst for adventure and excitement, and travelled extensively to remote places... It was in Africa that he first encountered the mysterious black rhino. George spent days mesmerized by its proud character, strength and fearlessness.

Years later, George settled in America where he created his cider. As the brand and product range grew, George decided that he needed a proud icon as distinctive as the smooth taste of his cider. George chose his beloved rhino, the majestic creature he had admired for so many years travelling the world.

Hornsby’s Ciders

We take pride in crafting our range of Hornsby’s quality ciders. We combine traditional cider-making techniques with a modern, vibrant style and attitude.

Hornsby’s Crisp Cider

Smooth, Crisp and Refreshing with fresh Green & Red apple top notes complimented by a robust bittersweet flavour and a pleasant aftertaste on the palate.

  • Bottles 5.5% ABV
  • Available in 331ml (11.2 fl oz) bottle 6-packs

Hornsby’s Amber Cider

Rich and Golden with a distinctive traditional dryness that really delivers the great taste combination of bittersweet and red apple.

  • Bottles 6% ABV
  • Available in 331ml (11.2 fl oz) bottle 6-packs

More information visit www.hornsbys.com

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