Gaymers Original Cider


Gaymers Crisp Apple Cider, cold filtered for a clean, refreshing taste. Made using English apples and crafted to create flavour that retains its distinctive qualities when served ice cold to complement the mellow apple aroma and soft fruity character.


Gaymers Original Cider is produced by Magners GB at our Shepton Mallet cider mill, in the heart of England’s West Country. The production process uses the same traditional cider-making processes that date back to 1770 but in a modern, controlled environment.

How Gaymers Cider is Made

  • Harvest – selection of the perfect apples
    The harvesting process begins during the first weeks of September however it does not reach its peak until October and November. The cider mill will receive up to 500 tonnes of ripening apples a day throughout this period. The carefully selected varieties allow us to produce the perfect blend of apples to provide balanced juice and unique flavours.
  • Juice making - the essence of great cider
    The freshly harvested, specially selected British apples are delivered to the cider mill at Shepton Mallet in the heart of Somerset. The fruit is quickly cleaned using a multi stage water washing process. Once clean the fruit is chopped into pulp and pressed. During this process the apple pulp is passed through filters to separate the juice from the solid apple. The subsequent golden coloured, cloudy sweet liquid contains all the flavour and character from the apples in its natural state.
  • Juice Storage – to meet our needs all year round
    In order to meet the year round demand for cider the fresh juice is either immediately fermented after pressing or stabilised and stored to ensure a consistent high quality raw material is always available.
  • Fermentation – when the apples become cider
    At this stage the raw material is converted into cider as the yeast transforms the sugar present into alcohol. This process would naturally occur with raw apple juice, as wild yeast is present on the skins of apples. However the consistency and quality of this type of fermentation is not reliable. We therefore use our own strain of yeast, this is crucial in the final consistency of flavour and results in the definite character of all our ciders. The fermentation process takes place in temperature controlled vessels to ensure a clean vigorous fermentation to capture the full flavour of the cider apples used.


Gaymers Juicy Pear Cider, is a refreshing, easy drinking medium cider. It is made using specially selected English pears. It has a distinctive aroma of fresh pear and a refreshing smooth taste. Best served chilled or over ice.

Product / Packaging

  • Crisp Apple & Juicy Pear 4.5% (ABV)
  • 50L Draught Keg
  • 500ml Bottle
  • 330ml & 440ml Can


Gaymers Pear Cider with Raspberry flavour is a mouth watering refreshing blend of the famous Gaymers pear cider, infused with raspberry with a hint of succulent strawberry flavour. Best served chilled or over ice.


Gaymers Pear Cider with Cherry & Apple flavour is a refreshing easy drinking cider. Made from our finest pear cider complimented by the distinct aromas and flavours of cherry & crisp apple. Best served chilled or over ice.

Product / Packaging:

  • Gaymers Pear Cider with Raspberry Flavour, Gaymers Pear Cider with Cherry & Apple flavour 4% (ABV)
  • 500ml Bottle
  • 330ml Can

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