Distinctive crisp dry taste, the way it should be

Blackthorn cider is a West Country legend. Most people in this part of the world don’t remember life without it. First made in the seventies, it is now one of Britain’s best known and widely drunk ciders. When launched in 1972, it was an instant hit with the traditional cider drinkers in the England’s West Country - a proper pint with a distinctive and unforgettable taste. From small beginnings, word quickly spread and Blackthorn rapidly grew to become one of Britain’s best selling ciders and one that remains true to its West Country roots.


Blackthorn is produced by Magners GB at our Shepton Mallet cider mill. Wherever possible our master cider makers work hard to ensure that the English Cider apples they use to make Blackthorn come from within a 50 miles of the mill.

How Blackthorn is Made

We use a good number of ‘bittersweet’ cider apples in our blend. Bittersweet cider apples have low acid levels and high tannins – the perfect combination to give the crisp dry taste of Blackthorn.

Dry or Sweet?

In general terms a ‘dry’ cider means that more of the natural sugar has been fermented which makes the cider sharper rather than sweet. Now’s the tricky party; which do you prefer? Here’s a rough guide:


Blackthorn Medium Dry Cider 500ml can

As tastes have changed slightly over the last 38 years Blackthorn has become a little more medium dry in taste. However we still press English bittersweet cider apples to deliver its distinctive crispness.
4.7% ABV available in Cans, PET Bottles, and on Draught.


Dry Blackthorn Cider 500ml can

Dry Blackthorn has an army of loyal fans and it’s a little sharper than its counterpart. Dry Blackthorn is made to our original draught cider recipe with the crisp character of an authentic West Country dry cider.
5% ABV available in Cans and on Draught.

Product / Packaging:

  • 4.7% (ABV)
  • 50 litre kegs
  • 30 litre kegs
  • 2 litre bottles
  • 3 litre bottles
  • 500ml cans
  • 440ml cans

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