Crafted from the finest locally sourced bittersweet English apples. Addlestones is 100% English cider with true English origin. Twice fermented… but never filtered… to deliver our distinct, lightly cloudy finish.

How To Serve Addlestones

Addlestones is best served chilled on draught from hand pull or tap using a clean branded glass, as well as being poured chilled from the bottle.


The tradition of cider making is at the heart of what we do, cider apples are crushed in our cider mill, the juice is then allowed to ferment by adding selected yeasts. The fermentation process is controlled to achieve the desired characteristics for the cider. Once fermented, the cider is then matured and blended to provide the final consistency of taste.

Addlestones undergoes a second fermentation in the keg, due to the presence of Natural Yeast, which means it is a genuine ‘live’ cider just like a real ale. Addlestones is never filtered, to give it a distinctive cloudy appearance.

Addlestones is made using a unique recipe of locally sourced bittersweet cider apples from the West Country to create its unique full-bodied taste. Addlestones

How Addlestones is Made:

Addlestones is 100% English, made using a unique recipe of locally sourced, bittersweet cider apples from the West Country to create its full-bodied taste.

The unique cloudiness is caused by the fact that Addlestones is fermented twice and not filtered at any stage of the process – resulting in the presence of ‘live’ yeast and natural apple residue in the liquid. Addlestones is a genuine live cider, constantly evolving, developing and shifting.

Product and Packaging:

  • 500ml bottles 5% ABV
  • 45L Kegs 4.8%-5.2% ABV

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