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Tennent's Black T

Introducing Black T…

Tennent's Black T

Get your best shoes polished and your top button done, ladies and gents, we’re introducing a new family member.

Black T is our premium bottled lager, brewed for Scotland. Give it a whirl and see what you think. It’s a wee bit of a dark horse…

You can get your hands on Black T at select Scottish Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores – as well as independent and convenience stores including Keystore and many more – in 6 and 12 x 300 ml packs.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more from us and our new and distinguished family member over the coming weeks and months, including our #BlackTFriday chauffeur service in Glasgow and Edinburgh throughout December on Twitter, and our wee bespoke, tailor made Black Box giveaways on Facebook.

Tennent's Hee Haw

Absolutely Hee Haw, you say?

Tennet's Hee Haw

Aye, go on then…

Normally, being told to expect hee haw would leave you feeling just a tiny wee bit disappointed… to say the least. So, we’re turning that on its head with a brand new addition to the Tennent’s Lager line-up. Our new Hee Haw bottled lager has an ABV of under 0.05%.

Hee Haw can be found in pubs, bars and Spar shops across Scotland and offers a tasty new option for those looking for a little less.

Keep a wee eye on Facebook, Twitter and in the actual real-world for Hee Haw related fun and games from us over the coming months.

Tennent's T2

Lighter and Refresing Lager

Tennent's T2

T2 is described by Tennent’s as a light, refreshing option, which provides the great taste you’d expect of Scotland’s favourite pint but with 50% lower alcohol strength than Tennent’s Lager. Brewed to the same meticulous high standards as Tennent’s Lager, T2 is available for the on-trade in Scotland to buy in 50L kegs.

T2 has an ABV of 2% and will be available in draught and pint serve in the on-trade in Scotland.

For more information visit: www.tennents.com

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