Tennent’s Lager

Made with pride in the heart of Glasgow since 1885, but famous far beyond its home city, for a crisp taste and refreshingly clean finish.


Tennent’s Lager is produced by Tennent Caledonian Breweries, Glasgow, Scotland. It is part of the C&C Group, one of the largest Irish owned drinks companies.

How To Serve Tennent’s

Tennent’s is best served Ice Cold. Chill Tennent’s can and a pint glass in the fridge for approximately 2 hours. The best way to serve is to pour the can at a 45 degree angle with the lager hitting the back of the glass. As you pour, gradually straighten your glass to form a head of approx 10mm. Then sit back, and enjoy your handy work.


Tennent’s Lager is brewed to the highest standards at Wellpark brewery using the water of Loch Katrine, hops, yeast, malted barley and maize/wheat to create a lager with a crisp taste and refreshingly clean finish.

How Tennent’s is Made

Everything possible is done at every stage of brewing to give Tennent’s its characteristic palate fullness and unique flavour.

A precise mix of our two malts, Lager and Munich, is steeped, germinated and kilned at specific temperatures by our maltsters and stored ready for brewing. A powerful hammer mill then shears the malts, barley and maize into a fine powder.

In the brewhouse, water is added to the milled grain and kept at a constant critical temperature of between 65 and 66 degrees. The enzymes in the grain convert its starch content to sugar, forming the mash. In a wort kettle, hops are added, the precise quantity crucial to the characteristic balance of bitter and sweet in Tennent’s taste. Then, under immense pressure, the mash is forced through the fine meshes to separate the grain from what is now a thick, sugary liquid- the wort. Nothing goes to waste in this process - the grain husks are then dispatched for winter cattle feed.

After boiling, the wort is spun in our whirlpool at high temperature, forcing out any remaining solids, then chilled down to 10 degrees. Only at this stage can the yeast be added. In this ‘heat exchange’ process, the hot water created is used elsewhere in the brewery. Yeast is added to the cooled liquid wort in what is a perfect concentration, converting the natural sugars into alcohol. This takes several days, during which the liquid will be kept within a precise half a degree of the cool and exact fermentation temperature.

The beer is then stored in chilled maturation tanks for between three and seven days. Passed through filters, water is added to reduce the concentrated lager to the correct ABV. It’s now bright and crystal-clear Tennent’s Lager - ready to drink. The lager is then packaged as cans or kegs. Our canning line runs up to an astonishing 2000 cans per minute and we keg up to 750 barrels per hour.


Tennent’s Lager is Scotland’s best-selling lager and is produced by Tennent Caledonian Breweries UK Limited, Glasgow, Scotland. Tennent’s Lager was first brewed by Hugh Tennent at Wellpark Brewery, Glasgow in 1885. After taking sole control of the business on his 21st birthday, the young Hugh made many travelling expeditions and it was during one of them – this time in Bavaria - that he was inspired to brew his own legendary lager.

At the time, newspaper journalists hailed his vision to produce lager on a large scale as ‘a madman’s dream’. But Hugh continued nevertheless. Now, 125 years on, Tennent's Lager continues to be Scotland's leading alcohol brand and is renowned for its iconic ‘Red T’ logo.

Tennent’s Lager has achieved widespread acclaim for its long standing commitment to football and music in Scotland, as a founding partner in Scotland’s top music festival T in the Park® and an active supporter of football for over 40 years.

Product & Packaging

  • 4.0% (ABV)
  • 568ml pint cans
  • 440ml cans
  • 500ml cans

For more information visit: www.tennents.com

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