Heverlee is our 4.8% premium Belgian lager.

Our very own Joris Brams was instrumental in creating and exporting the lager from Belgium. Having grown up just two miles away from the Abbey of the order of Premontre, Leuven, where he played as a child, Joris retained links with the monastery during his time at university and beyond. Fascinated by its history, he contacted the monks and gained access to their library, where he learned of an old brewery that was present on the site hundreds of years before. The monks had been pioneers, developing a light,fresh-tasting lager at a time when other Abbeys focused on heavier, darker ales. Working with the Abbey and with a local brewer, descriptions of the ancient beer were used to create Heverlee; a smooth pint that uses barley, specially selected hops and a much slower, more traditional brewing process than some bigger brands to restore original Pils bitterness to its taste.

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