C&C Beer Brands

C&C Beer Brands

The C&C Group owns Tennent’s, Caledonia Best and Heverlee.

Tennent’s is Scotland's best selling and iconic lager brand., first brewed in 1885 by Hugh Tennent. It’s brewed to the highest standards at Wellpark brewery using the water of Loch Katrine, hops, yeast, malted barley and maize/wheat to create a lager with a crisp taste and refreshingly clean finish.

Caledonia Best is born from our oldest master brewer’s rich knowledge of traditional ale recipes. It’s brewed at Wellpark brewey with Scottish water, the finest malted Scottish barley, hops and yeast that he himself sources. 

Heverlee is a smooth pint that uses barley, specially selected hops and a much slower, more traditional brewing process than some bigger brands to restore original Pils bitterness to its taste.

C&C also distributes Menebrea and Pabst.

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